The Evolution of Advertising

Let’s look back and see how much advertising has changed over the years. The evolution of advertising is like a cycle that never stops. One trend dies, and one emerges, after a decade, the dead resurrects from the grave. Welcome to a cycle that never ends.


Crowded Visuals and Text

Cookies and Targeted Ads

During the 19th Century, advertisements were printed on long pieces of paper. Companies at that time need to save on their advertising cost, so they maximize the spaces of paper. Advertisers of the 19th century were still able to make the fine print appealing and catchy despite the need to save space. The drawings on these advertising papers were sketched manually by hands. They love realistic images, so if you’re one of the advertisers of the 19th century, you would be needing strong drawing skills.


The “But Wait” Phenomenon

In the 1950s advertisers realized the power of psychology in market buyer behaviour. By the discovery of this secret sauce, that was the start of the “But Wait” phenomenon that still exists up to this day. The “but wait” idea is strategically placed in ads to create a sense of urgency for the customers. We all know that customers like to get the best value for their money, so giving them a little push would be easy. “But wait… there’s more. If you call within the next 2 hours, you’ll get a special discount.” Since the “but wait” was overly used, advertisers would use the same idea but not the same exact words. It now comes in many forms. We’re sure that our website visitors can spot this strategy whenever they are online shopping.


Cookies and Targeted Ads

Do you notice the random ads that pop up when you are browsing the internet? You can blame or thank cookies in your browser for making that happen. Since the internet became the biggest marketplace in every corner of the Earth, websites will fight for your attention. To do this, they rely on cookies to filter their target audience. They’ll know that you are a man or a woman.

On the other hand, the marketplace often buy traffic for website or using services like targeted website traffic and draw the same niche visitor to their sites as well. They know your searches and your interest. Welcome to the world of technology.