Most Underestimated Website Must-Haves

Your company website is one of the strongest tools you could use to generate sales for your business. A beautiful and functional website can create credibility for you in the eyes of your potential customer. We all know the basic elements of a website, yet many companies failed to incorporate some of these elements to their website. Here is the list of the most underestimated website must-haves. Now that you already have a list, make sure you add them to your tech blog.



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Most of us don’t have time to read and browse. So don’t expect your customers to have plenty of time to read your site. A video is a great  way to summarize what your company is about without the need of customers to check out your service page. According to studies, we tend to remember more if we watched something instead of just reading something. Creating a video might be more difficult than writing a content, but it’s all worth it. If you need to hire an expert video editor, go for it.



Everyone likes to know first if the product or item worked for someone else before really buying it. If you are selling services, they would like to know about your previous customers’ review. Testimonials are so powerful. Collect feedback from your customers in every transaction, and post on your site the best reviews you got. You would like to look credible and amazing, so pick a testimonial that has convincing words. It’s hitting two birds in one stone, you’ll have a good conversion for new buyers, and you’ll get to keep your existing customers.


Live Chat Widget

People like instant answers. If you have a complicated product or service where customers usually will be having questions, add a live chat widget on your site. By doing this, you’ll be familiarized about your customer’s FAQ’s. It can also serve as a mini-customer service feature. This simple feature will be convenient for you and your customers. If you cannot hire someone to take care of the inquiries, you can also download an app on your phone.

Remember that your website is an extension of your business. It is technically one of your outlets where your customers are directly interacting with you that’s why you need to make sure that it is customer friendly and easy to navigate. Also, make sure that your site is not on an expired domains or you’ll have a lot of troubles figuring out what your next step is.

All of these suggestion are for you to consider. You are free not to follow them but it is advised that you use them to your advantage. If you encounter problems such as expired domains, there are a lot of webmasters and web developers who can help you sort out your problem and most of them will suggest that you just use the above suggestions for your site.